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Porthleven 5/2/2014Porthleven 5/2/2014Massive waves pound the shore easily overcoming the sea defence's at Porthleven in Cornwall.
The incredible weather event captured on 5th February 2014 overlooking the clock-tower and coastline at Porthleven on the southern Cornish coast.

During this storm surge the gates to the inner harbour were damaged and resulted in the sinking of seven vessels of various sizes. I watched on in shock as the harbourmaster coordinated the frantic removal of the remaining boats.

Total carnage ensued around the South West.
Porthleven 5/2/2014Porthleven 5/2/2014Porthleven 5/2/2014The Clock Tower.Porthleven 5/2/2014Porthleven 5/2/2014Porthleven 5/2/20142d_40 jpeg srgb 300dpiPorthleven 8.45 5/2/2014Porthleven Stormforce.PorthlevenPorthleven Storm